About Enchanter

Enchanter Corporation Private Limited, a Syndicate with an agile team of Developers & Designers, Marketing Professionals, Communication Specialists, Project Heads and Business Heads collaborate with one another on our client’s projects to build on each other's expertise and work together as a team to enable micromanagement and run your organization without any hassles and hurdles.

Which Distinguished traits make our Company stand apart from our peers? It’s simple.

It’s our team that sculptures Enchanter Corporation. At Enchanter, you will meet the most creative and dedicated team; exactly the kind of people you’d love to work with. We, Enchanter Corporation Private Limited with several clients from over 8 Countries. Have won Two Prestigious TATA First Dot Awards

We take your Business solemnly endowed with a meaning and purpose, sharing a gentle rapport and cordial relations with our clients.

We take your business with a meaning and purpose. Sharing a gentle rapport and cordial relations with our partners, we at Enchanter Corporation brainstorm and amalgamate the best strategies to cobble up a very dynamic and zestful traffic to your site.

The Enchanter Team, having developed resilient partnerships with Corporations from diverse Domains such as Engineering, Entertainment, Healthcare, Automobile, Retail, Outsourcing, Media, Tourism, etc., take great pride in our Technical ability to provide unparalleled services with our backing and support.

Client's Testimonials

Let's have a look, what our clients say about us.

Mr.Thomas Pallushek

Business Analyst

If you’re interested in quality and desire to have a prompt service, like I do then look no further – ‘Enchanter Corporation' is the place. I highly recommend them for any web development needs! As a German, I’m pathologically punctual and very much to the point and always looks for reliability and finally glad to find this company in Chennai. In German we say „Fünf Minuten vor der Zeit, ist des Deutschen Pünktlichkeit“which translates as "Five minutes ahead of schedule is a German's punctuality." This coompany sticks to this thumb rule and the services from them are timely and reliable. I really enjoy the level of interaction with them. I rarely use the term ‘Genius’ to describe others, but in the case of Mr. Gautam Kannan at Enchanter Corporation it’s a word that rolls off my tongue effortlessly. Mr. Gautam is thorough in figuring out what we wanted and making recommendations appropriate to our timeline. He has great ideas and is flexible, responsive to my feedback, and continues to be available for questions or problems. I’m glad we worked with him and wish we had done it sooner!


Business Analyst

I, Alfred want to express my sincere appreciation to you for all of your hard work in undertaking what I know was a massive project – developing an app for our organization. - I just do not know where to begin. Although we had a small start-up, we realized that a "simple app" could never allow us to achieve our marketing goals or give our organization the credibility we needed to convey to our grant finders. We also needed an effective way to market our new planned giving prrogram to our supporters. Enchanter has been the answer to us and the cooperation we had made me feeling as it was my home!!!!! Keep the care towards your customers you will achieve more. As success never come to you but you go to it I ensure that your attitude and perseverance,…will make your company famous.

Mr. Anand

CEO - Eknomy

I must say, really great work once again on completing the required changes, I was thinking they are too big and daunting but you guys are evidently professionals who can handle any kind of task of development!