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Tips to Develop an Android App

Tips to Develop an Android App

1.Keep it simple :
Make your app to be user friendly and used by anyone. Remove all unwanted complications used in the UI design.  If you have an idea of embedding some new functions which no one has used before ; no one will know how to use your app. You naturally make this app more complex than needed. Therefore keep your app simple.

2.Let in ASAP:
Depending on the type of app the registration process may vary. For registering you may require name; email id; dob etc. Have the necessary requirements for registration and leave the others. You just leave them into your app quickly and let them explore.

3.Beauty is usability:
The design of your app need not be too much attractive; yet it should be good looking.  Keep in mind the usability is extremely important.

4.Conduct UX review:
Before your app gets completely ready ask your friends or seniors to get your app and make them test it and get their review and comments. If they find anything unsatisfying try to satisfy their comments. Check your app in different phone sizes and different android versions.

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