Cloud Services

Pydio file sharing & sync includes applications for web, desktop and mobile assuring that your end users can easily manage their critical documents everywhere. Pydio is hosted exclusively on your private server or cloud so you can rest assured that files are securely managed under company control.

Your files fuel your business and are some of your most valuable assets. Pydio helps assure that you can grant access to your files from all cross of devices while enforcing your security rules and compliance policies.It allows your users focus on your business. Let Pydio handle file sharing & sync. Access files from any device - Share with internal or external partners - Sync locally Even the best solution is only as good as its ability to meet the specific needs of your business. With Pydio, you do not have to change your policies to facilitate deployment. Our modular and agile solution molds to your structure and rules.

Benefits of Pydio:


Web Rich Application

Mobile Device Access

Desktop Sync Apps
(Win / Mac / Linux)

Advanced Sharing features

Customizable UI


Deployed on your own

Unified Identity Management

Access Control Management

Real-time Monitoring and

Professional Support


Connect to many storage

Connect to many user directories (LDAP/AD/ SAML*)

Build a high availability setup

REST API's and Plugin architecture

Here Are What We Offer:

Fast Implementation

Free Consultancy and Customer Support

Instant Scalability

Maintenance Free

Access Any Where

Better Security

Flexible Deployment With Customer Support

Secured Unlimited Storage